Proposed new rules for 2022 that apply to FV

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Proposed new rules for 2022 that apply to FV

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Was just looking over the rules proposals for NEXT YEAR and thought I would post the ones that apply to FV .. at least for the moment (August, 2021).

This one in particular seems that it's going to be needed on A BUNCH of cars ...
D. Effective 01/01/2022, Cars using a Lithium Battery must display the green and black Lithium Battery
decal near the kill switch.

Note: Decal can be purchased through

Here, there is also a CLARIFICATION about aborted starts that might be interesting to some....
2. #30572 (Raymond Blethen) Aborted Start Procedures
In GCR Section 6.5.4.B. add the following:
"Drivers may safely pass under the Double Yellow Flags to return to their original grid position. However, cars late to grid or that dropped out of position during the pace lap must remain at the back of the pack." [I BELIEVE that 'pack' is used here, rather than 'field' to cover the SPLIT START option. You must only drop back to the back of the PACK - assuming you are in the FIRST STARTING PACK of a split start ... I COULD BE WRONG, but I THINK that is the intent here.]

If you happen to be CANADIAN, you might also be interested in this one...
5. #30703 (SCCA Staff) Add Canadian Qualification Path for 21 Runoffs Sec3.7.4.A.1.a
In GCR, Section 3.7.4.A.1.a, add the following:
"SCCA will collect and distribute the fees to the SCCA Regions.
Canadian drivers unable to meet the participation criteria due to US/Canada border closures may request a waiver of up to two (2) Majors event weekends and one (1) Majors race finish for 2021. The substitute entry process will apply. Only Canadian residents that have previously participated at the SCCA Runoffs AND competed in a minimum of one (1) 2021 Majors event weekend and finished two (2) Majors races in the same class may be granted a waiver. Requests must be made in writing to by September 14, 2021 and include:
- The class(es) you intend to race in at the 2021 Runoffs
- A scanned copy of your foreign passport page that includes your name and photo.
Canadian drivers utilizing this qualification path must purchase substitute Majors entries through the Member Account Portal of for the number of substitute Majors event weekends (either 1 or 2) by September 14, 2021. SCCA will collect and distribute the fees to the SCCA Regions."

and, of course, there is THIS one that I'm sure all of your are already aware of ... but, for you newbies...
9.3.11. CAMERA & CAMERA MOUNTS (effective 01 March 2021)
A. All cars competing at Super Tour events and the SCCA Runoffs must have a forward-facing camera
that is recording at all times while on track and provides a clear horizontal field of view of the cars and
track ahead. The cameras may be mounted either inside the car, or on the body. If video is needed
as part of an investigation of an incident, a competitor’s video of the full unedited session may be
requested by race officials regardless of whether or not said competitor was involved in the incident.
Failure to provide such video may result in penalties. Forward-facing cameras are recommended at all
other SCCA-sanctioned events.

Steve, FV80
The Racer's Wedge and now a Vortech, FV80
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