55th Brundage Cup

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55th Brundage Cup

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Congratulation to:
1st-Stevan Davis
2nd-Laura Hayes Diff=0.025
3rd-Mitchell Ferguson Diff=0.201

What a show!
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Re: 55th Brundage Cup

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Adding my congratulations to the Brundage Cup winner, Stevan!
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Re: 55th Brundage Cup

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Congrats Stevan! Lets here some details for those of us who were unable to go.
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Re: 55th Brundage Cup

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Thanks all. Not really much to tell.... We had a spirited battle at the front for the entire race. First a 4 car battle between Mitchell Ferguson, Laura Hayes, Donnie Isley and myself. We split off from the second pack by the second lap, then Donnie gradually fell off the pace, leaving the 3 of us in our own pack and a second 3 or 4 car battle with Engler, Bruns, Rogers, and Donnie. I think both those packs stayed pretty much together to the end except for Donnie who came in early, but not certain.

In the lead pack we all took turns 'testing' each other and taking our turn in the lead. We weren't sure how many LAPS there would be since it was a TIMED race, and I was beginning to sweat whether I had enough gas in the car to make the finish. As the time got to about 20 (of scheduled 25) minutes Laura decided to 'hang back' and wait for the last lap so Mitchell and I swapped the lead a couple more times .. neither of us knowing when the last lap to go white would come out. When that flag waved, Mitchell was leading and I had to decide what I wanted to do.. I took the lead into T1 with a bit of trepidation since my rear tires were on their last legs. It was quite difficult to keep Bullet pointed forward and keep Mitchell behind me. Laura made her move coming into T5 to get by Mitchell and I needed to be VERY careful in the carousel to not throw the race away. Laura closed up behind me coming out of T6 and was right on my butt coming onto the front straight. She was too close to get really good run at me but got alongside and closer and closer ... and closer, but we reached the finish line with her coming up some few inches short, thankfully.

We ran the Driverzcup races on Thursday (using the Greg Bruns designed wheel/tire combo - Street tire Toyo T1R on an EMPI aluminum rim) and she JUST beat me to the line in that finale race. I got the better end on Sunday in the Brundage Cup race.

Good racing all up & down the line in both series .. the Driverzcup and the VDCA FV55th weekend races.
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Re: 55th Brundage Cup

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Nice Job Steve and company.

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