The Cheap Date Event has returned to New England Region!

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The Cheap Date Event has returned to New England Region!

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This August 4-5 race weekend is the New England Region of SCCA's Cheap Date Event. Basically, you pay for Saturday and you get Sunday for free - a whole second race day with two more races for free.

The idea of the Cheap Date event for the Region is to trade lower cost of entry for more entries. The benefit to the racers is not only lower cost racing but larger fields.

Having this lower-cost event on one weekend of the year's race calendar works especially well because most NER racers put this one event on their calendar due to are the larger fields. It also draws more racers from neighboring Regions.

So, please check out the event on, and please come... ... 644D3E4ADE

Two more things for FV folks...
NEFV Championship Races 3 and 4: For Formula Vee racers, this is the New England Formula Vee Championship Races 3 and 4. It's easy to sign up and be eligible for the Trophies & Prizes.

NEFV OWDE: On Saturday NER/NEFV together will be having their annual Open Wheel Driving experience (OWDE). If you come with your FV, you can have your crew, family member, friend, or someone interested in possibly racing FV try out your car on the track for two full sessions right in the middle of the race day. No one goes home unhappy!

Please contact NEFV for more information at or check out the NEFV Facebook page - Northeast Formula
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