Find friends at Runoffs

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Find friends at Runoffs

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FYI - For any of you that don't frequent Apexspeed, I asked Deanna if there was any way we could get access to the SCCA database of assigned parking spaces and she responded by posting a PDF file that is available to everyone. It is at the top of the Menu list on the right side of

Save to your laptop, print it out, or save to your phone
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Re: Find friends at Runoffs

Post by jstoezel »

Hi Steve:

Thank you for sharing the plan, it is of interest as well for people like me who are not able to attend but would love to be there.
Will you or somebody else be posting a summary of activities happening at the track (either here or Apexspeed)? The broadcast only start end of next week, and this is a long time to wait.

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Re: Find friends at Runoffs

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There are results for each day, including test days here: ... ll-formula

Also, a recap of each day live, but time not shown - "Along with race coverage, the duo will also once again co-host a wrap-up show on each day of qualifying, live from Mid-Ohio, on The show will recap the day's activities, as well as find interesting characters and storylines. The show will be available on each evening, beginning Monday, following qualifying." ... announcers

I think Stevan is probably traveling today...
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Re: Find friends at Runoffs

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:twisted: Thank you Steven for the info we'll see you there on race day :twisted:
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