hello to all my racing friends

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hello to all my racing friends

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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, my name is Kevin O'Hearn and I have taken over at Campbell Motorsports.I live in New Hampshire and I have been involved in formula Vee racing for about 10 years and I hope to continue to race with my friends for a long time. I've had 3 race cars so far, a D13, a Citation and a Protoform P3 and I'm currently building a Evo formula first. I have received help from many people over the past 10 years and I hope I can pass down the knowledge I have and return the many favors I have received.
Larry Campbell has built 3 great cars and he has make it incredibly easy for me to take over and start building top quality cars and parts. I now have all the molds and jigs to continue supplying all of your racing needs including new quality fiberglass body parts which have become harder to find lately. I'm working with a great machine shop and soon I will be selling things like offset link pin bushings, sway bars and front shock mounts. I can offer great deals for paint, powder coat and even chrome or nickel plating for any parts I sell at a great price. I will be launching a new website soon but for now if you have any questions or requests you can reach me at [603]897-5140 or email me at kidkoh99@hotmail.com

I look forward to helping you all in any way I can

Thanks Kevin O'Hearn

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Re: hello to all my racing friends

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Best of luck Kevin!
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Re: hello to all my racing friends

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Good luck Kevin, see you at the races
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