Citation Z-18B - "New" 1981 FV price reduction

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Citation Z-18B - "New" 1981 FV price reduction

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FV for sale Citation Z-18B: A "New" 1981 Formula Vee - Race Ready - FV/Challenge Cup Car located in NE PA.

Car is new build with almost all new parts. Many design improvements made to original Citation. Well sorted car with all the engineering and fabrication work done and ready to race as it sits. Just put gas in the car, go on track and run.

SCCA Logbook
Autowerks National class engine - all upgrades - large HP number - only 1 regional shake down race on rebuild.
New carb and high flow Veesport intake (all tuned with Autowerks engine build).
Lybarger LRE short box transaxle.

New/Updated Chassis/frame
Zink-Citation zero roll rear suspension (Fox shock with cockpit bias adjustment, spring, New one-piece trailing arms, New tie rods and Heim joints).
New Womer-style steering - allows front mount master cylinders and open pedal/foot area (steering shaft with Apex HELICOPTER joints, quick release, New front tie rods, steering box, pitman arm).
New carb support shelf with oil cooler bracket.
New body, nose and tail section. Mysterian nose and body with Womer tail. Much more aerodynamic than original Zink-Citation.
Fire bottle and battery located under knees for better weight distribution and room.

New SPA mirrors.
New oil cooler, new filter housing and all new SS braided oil lines with AN fittings.
New Momoso Oil catch tank and SS braided line with AN fittings.
New dash-easy to see gauges.
New RPM shift light system.
All New wiring with rub through protection professionally installed.
New battery disconnect switch.
New Marine grade power distribution and fuse block.
New brake, clutch and gas pedals.
New brake and clutch Master cylinders. Moved to front to allow open pedal/foot area.
New stainless steel brake lines and SS hoses with AN fittings.
New stainless steel clutch line and SS hoses with AN fittings.
New SS braided oil lines.
New oil filter housing.
New oil cooler with AN fittings.
New brake bias adjuster,
New front beam with adjuster.
New KYB Front Shocks.
New aerodynamic shock mounts.
New Anti Gravity Lithium Ion battery.
New lightweight starter.
New Safecraft 1301 Halon fire system.
New ATL FC-140 fuel cell.
New aluminum fuel cell enclosure.
New SS braided fuel lines, New fuel filter, New fuel sample setup.
New Racequip FIA Belts.
New Brake wheel cylinders.
New wheel bearings.
New Front Brake Drums.
New Porterfield R4 brake shoes on all 4 corners.
New LED rain light.
New set of 4 powder coated rims with tires.
New wheel studs with lug nuts.
Steel 4-2-1 Exhaust.
Momo Flat bottom Suede Steering wheel with SPA Disconnect.
Misc. new hardware, paint, fasteners, steel, aluminum, tuning, etc.

Asking $9;995.

Misc spares included.

Includes new set of Challenge Cup rims $360 and tires $429.76 = $789.76

Pictures. ... HS2ua?dl=0

More pictures on request.

Matt Kujat
Freeland, PA

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Re: Citation Z-18B - "New" 1981 FV

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Updated information.

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Re: Citation Z-18B - "New" 1981 FV price reduction

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