Wow. Start a race shop.....

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Wow. Start a race shop.....

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Lazer MKII. Roller w/Short Box On utility trailer. Trailer 6' x 12'. Quick lift for FV. Trailer may need tires. $3,500. I never raced this FV. Bought in 2001. Still on trailer.
Lazer MKI Kit w/Extra Nose Piece $3,000. I never got to assemble this FV. Chassis still in crate.
Race Engine with Noble Heads $1,000
1 Long Lybarger Box $400
Short Lybarger Box w/o Drums $400
8 Race wheels with old race tires
The Stock VW components will naturally need refurbishing before use but they are a great start.
1 Stock VW engine complete
Stock VW engine - partially disassembled - crank and connecting rods OK
10 Stock VW heads with valves - used
1 Set never used jugs and pistons - new in box
1 Race intake manifold
Oil Temperature/Pressure gage
Box of carburetors. Some new.
2 Stock VW transaxles complete - drums to drums
2 Stock VW transaxle complete - w/o drums
3 Stock transporter VW transaxle - for 3rd gear
3 Stock VW front ends, 1 each: drum to drum, knuckle to knuckle, tubes
2 Stock Front VW drums - gray
2 Stock Front VW drums
2 Stock Rear VW drums
10 Stock VW slotted wheels w/o tires - need refurbishing - never used for racing
7 Stock VW wheels with old mounted street tires

Check it out here:

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