Landon Mysterian M2

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Landon Mysterian M2

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This is one of the magical early M2s like Bamford's and Seibenaler's. Bamford's car won 9 races last year. Siebenaler's, well, its won over 100 races in 20 years, and 3 Runoff podiums in last 3 yrs, only about .5 secs away from 3 Runoff Golds in 3 yrs.

This was regarded as the fastest of all the M2s in the NorthEast, as Howard Landon won many Nationals, led the Runoffs at Road Atlanta and Mid-Ohio, with 5 Runoff top-5s. This car was last run in 2010 when I drove it at the Runoffs. It was pushed into a corner to be restored, but I'm just too busy, and with no time on the horizon, would like to see it on track.
Partially disassembled but complete as a roller (no engine). Howard was low-maintenance so condition is rough (but as it was when running at it's best). With original bodywork and repaired fuel cell and choice of Pastore transmissions. $5K in Buffalo area.

Purchased for the restoration, but not installed or included in the above sale. Complete new unfitted M2 body with used Carmody scoops. $1200 OBO.
New Eagle fuel cell $1000.
Different owner from the car package but both body and cell will be sold after the car is sold, should the car buyer not purchase them
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