Rules Clarification

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Rules Clarification

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I am building a new engine and hope to make some improvements over my current one (1915cc). My question to my fellow Solo Veers concerning connecting rod prep. What is our minimum connecting rod weight? FV is 425g or are we heavier? Am I allowed under the current rules to polish the rods?
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Re: Rules Clarification

Post by Lynn »

The rules for SoloVee in Appendix A of the Solo rulebook specifically refer to GCR rule C.1.1.C.6 which requires a minimum rod weight of 425 grams. The GCR allows rods to be lightened. I would interpret that to mean polishing is allowed to get to 425 grams.
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Re: Rules Clarification

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You sure about that? I'm looking at the current GCR and it show C.6 as Transmission/Rear Axle. Section C.5 is Engine, and is excluded from the Solo rules.

I think the OP's question would be covered under Solo rules Appendix A, CM section C.2.b, balancing.
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