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Re: Gears

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The "easiest" way is to purchase (or have built) another trans with the road gearing you want. Going inside and swapping gears is a major undertaking and not easily reversible. It IS quite common for solo vees to change to MUCH shorter gear sets that are closer together. Swapping the trans is a significant ordeal in itself on most cars, but is a LOT easier than messing inside the gearbox. If you can find a junk bug tans around you, all you HAVE to do is take the side covers off and swap the ring gear to the other side. If you are lucky, it won't bind and you'll be ready to go. Junk yards, if they have one, are usually happy to get it off their property these days.

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Re: Gears

Post by RFickes »

If you decide to have one built, I highly recommend Rancho.
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Re: Gears

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Let me throw in the caution about Solo Vees not necessarily being legal for track use. Silly things like the lack of a modern GCR-legal rollover structure and a 1600cc/1915cc engine make the track racers jealous, :lol: meaning that they might not let you play in their sandbox with a true Solo Vee.....
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Re: Gears

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You may have other obstacles besides gearing. I have no experience, but I've been told that Vees set up for Solo don't handle well on road courses, and vice-versa. Which is why most folks that both road race/track day and autocross have a car for each. Let me know how it works out for you.

What I do have experience in is changing a gear set in a vee box. NOT an easy job. Would definitely be easier to have two gear boxes and swap them out.

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