Vintage Vee Accident @ Blackhawk

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Vintage Vee Accident @ Blackhawk

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I heard from a friend that a Vintage Vee driver was killed at BlackHawk this past weekend? Any news to what
actually occurred ?


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Re: Vintage Vee Accident @ Blackhawk

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It is with an extremely heavy heart that I report we lost our friend and competitor Bob (Robert) Hanneman yesterday, after suffering injuries from a crash in turn 7 at Blackhawk Farms.
I cannot present details about either the crash or how Bob succumbed as I was on another portion of the track when the crash happened, and I've heard no reports about his injuries.

I can tell you that Bob was one of the nicest drivers in our race group, and I will miss his presence at the track.
Bob was in his white #26 Zink.
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Re: Vintage Vee Accident @ Blackhawk

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I can add that the Coroner's report apparently shows the cause of death as "blunt trauma".
I was at the scene very shortly after the incident and can report that the Blackhawk Rescue and the Ambulance crews worked feverishly to save Bob.
He was helicoptered to a local hospital where he succumbed. I don't think this was a survivable accident.

We all lost a fellow racer who was a gentleman and good friend, willing to give a hand when needed. He will be greatly missed. We send our condolences
to Bob's wife Nancy, who was at the track when the accident occurred.

Ted FV 07 (Retired)
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