Conversion Cost

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Conversion Cost

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I now have an extra vee and was going to try renting it out, but now am considering even having one FV and one FST...
But I'm wondering what the cost to convert to Formula First would be...
What all goes into converting a car to Formula First?
What absolutely HAS to be done (bare minimum) and what is optional/suggested?

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Re: Conversion Cost

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Assuming you are doing the bolt on type labor...

New engine $4200 (Dry sumped w/ oil lines and tank.

New front Beam rotor to rotor w/ brakes ready to bolt on $1125. (With HD springs, ride height adjuster and aftermarket camber bushings.)

Front shocks.. $200 and up. (The shock towers are removed on the above beam, so if you use outboard shocks they will need to be shorter. If you get real engineery, you can go with inboard shocks and you will have to determine what you want.

Rear rotors, brakes, and mounting hardware $300
Long box Trans with 1.26 3rd gear. You may have one, or you may be able to do some swapping, etc.

Cooling mods. You have to do some duct work in fibreglass or Aluminum or possiby mods to the 1200 stuff you have. This is the hardest part of the conversion if you are not handy.

You will also need to do some minor glass work on the nose possibly, since the beam tubes are at slightly different locations.

You can use a steering rack, instead of a box, but I wouldn't bother until later. There is no real advantage to a rack other than a few pounds, and that isn't a issue in FST. You can always convert later if you want.

Then you need 8 wheels (for slicks and rains) $~550 for 8 up to whatever you want to spend.

Your 1200 headers will work as is.

I have skipped a few things, but labor time is mostly the cooling and/or glass work you need to do and finding a location with mounting of your dry sump tank and lines. Few off the shelf dry sump tanks will work so you usually have to have a custom one made. (We do them for ~$300. I included that cost in the engine above.)

Obviously a set of slicks and rains. But you would need that for FV anyways. And these will last you a season instead of a couple races.

So you are in the $6000 area for all new parts. You can save some by doing the front beam fabrication yourself, and/or buying used stuff.

You can also recover much of the above by selling your existing FV engine, trans, wheels, etc. You might get as much as $4500 alone for those.

We have most everything listed on our web site at

I am sure I have forgotten some minor things, but nothing very time consuming or costly.

Call if you have any questions..

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