FST Nelson Ledges Video

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FST Nelson Ledges Video

Post by Bill_Bonow »

The FCM Formula First series ran at Nelson Ledges a few weeks ago. A new track record was set by Greg Rice (1:13.1) with the two wins being taken by Doug Seim (Saturday) and Greg Rice (Sunday).

Carl Middelegge had a camera mounted on his Evolution FST and has posted it for all to enjoy.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 3679&hl=en

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Larry Bradley
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Re: FST Nelson Ledges Video

Post by Larry Bradley »

Bill thanks for the link, great fun to watch Carl thank you too.

Congrats to Greg and Doug. It looks like FST is coming to fruition.

One note; I ran about 10,000 miles at that track and it looks sooo different on video.
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Re: FST Nelson Ledges Video

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A good example of how someone who has been racing for over 30 years can have his car in the wrong gear for a start :oops:
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