Blackhawk Farms July 12 & 13

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Blackhawk Farms July 12 & 13

Post by Bill_Bonow »

This past weekend three of us went to a non-FCM event at BFR for the Firecracker and help support the EWC (by filling in the other FV F5 race group).

Here is a video link from Carl Middelegge who now hold the BFR FST track record at 1:18.01 ... 1074&hl=en

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Re: Blackhawk Farms July 12 & 13

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Helluva race, you guys. Almost as fun watching as it would be racing. What a great formula...

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Re: Blackhawk Farms July 12 & 13

Post by clubford00 » ... igKH4rnxDA heres that same race from the vee perspetive, You need to zoom to the 16:35 mark for the start of the race. It was a lot of fun and my best lap times so far! After 20 years im starting to get the hang of it. and by the way, this is a go pro hero mounted on the roll bar with the stock strap. Dean
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Re: Blackhawk Farms July 12 & 13

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Great race and good video. Those Go-Pros work really well ... when they work :-).

Good drive.
I've never been to BHF, but it looks like fun!
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