Just Like Vee Racing

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Just Like Vee Racing

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Just Like Vee Racing!

I spend alot of time talking to people about the class, particularily the differences. I am posting a link to a video from our recent race at Grattan. It does a pretty good job of showing that the "on track" characteristics are the same as FV. We all struggle with low-speed understeer. The best guys find a way to make their car turn. The draft works about the same. Grip levels are about the same. Racecraft is the same. Most of the differences are in operating cost. Most of my personal success in the class is due to applying proven FV principles to my FST car.

If nothing else, this video shows what a fun and challenging track Grattan is. Finding all those blind apex is an adventure!

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 4gLwqZCTDA
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Re: Just Like Vee Racing

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Thanks for the link, Greg. Congrats on the win and great driving by all three drivers.
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Re: Just Like Vee Racing

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What a fun looking track!
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Re: Just Like Vee Racing

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Looks like a fun,fast track. Can we move it to New England? :mrgreen:
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