Mission Raceway - BC, race and qualifying videos

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Mission Raceway - BC, race and qualifying videos

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Alright, I'm gonna start posting my videos here whether you like it or not ;)

First couple of videos are from the same day.. The qualifying session was great, as some of you may know, I had a lot of trouble with my car last year, just wouldn't run right. Got a fresh engine over the winter but messed up the manifold installation so I started the season even worse! Fixed that, but had trouble with the carb's jetting for the following weekend. Argh! Eventually caved in and got a 'new' carb, slapped it in and bang, the car was perfect. Went from a 1:23 as my best lap last season (with this car..) to a 1:20.6 on old american racers.

So I had high hopes for this July weekend, with the car mostly sorted out and a fresh set of hoosiers. And it worked out great in qualifying, did a 1:19.3 and followed it up with two 1:19.5 laps. This would have been a CACC lap record last year, but Tim Brausse and Adam Ingram keep shattering the record every weekend, they're now down to the low 1:18's! Which is good, shows me I have a lot to learn :)


(Ignore the waving fist at the end of the session.. I was pretty happy!)

Then the race came along and boy, was it a learning experience. I had a terrible first lap, made all the wrong decisions and lost a few spots. Caught up pretty quickly but couldn't make a pass. Lots of hesitation and being overly cautious, which well, keeps me out of trouble. But watching the video, I missed a lot of opportunities to make easy passes. I think it was probably my first time battling for position in a race though, so it's really just inexperience. I was having a lot of fun (by far the most exciting race I've ever had..) until the engine gave up:


It was a bitter sweet weekend for sure. It proved that I can go pretty fast, that racing is a blast.. After a year of trying to sort out the car, I was finally having FUN driving and racing. Then the engine had enough and I was quickly reminded that there is a price to pay for all of this. I hope to do one more race this year, if I can get the engine back in the car on time and I can still afford it, but I'll skip the last 3 races of the year. Save some cash and hope for a better season in 2012 :)
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