Runoff start photos

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Runoff start photos

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I found this group of photos from the runoffs - there are a bunch of photos from the bridge and turn 1 showing the mess at the start. I don't have everyone's e-mail address that was involved in it, so I am posting the link here....
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Re: Runoff start photos

Post by Fos »

Great photos!
Very entertaining with all the different angles! Must have been 3 different photographers?

The last set looks like coming out of turn one... how come you're the only one on the rumble strips in the pics? Is that one of the speed secrets? ;)

Also looks like vees must have a track that can go 5 abreast in the first turn. Sort of a requirement. Looks a little tight at this track...

I'm just curious... is this track one of those coin tosses for a gearbox?
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Runoff start photos

Post by FV80 »

I don't think it's a 'coin toss' box track. Unless your engine puts out some really good HIGH END TORQUE, you WILL want a long box for it. I have heard of people running short boxes, but - at least at the Runoffs the front pack was running up above 115 MPH coming into Canada corner. You may be able to do that with a short box, but your engine will REALLY be paying for it and you won't have any pulling power to pass.

The '5 wide' through T1 is *NOT* the fast way through that turn. Mike is the ONLY person who got a clear shot into it on Lap 1 (and for pretty much the entire race). "The pack" was going through that turn at 40-50 MPH sadly - and spending most of it's time trying not to run over each other.
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