Mosport in-car video FV1200

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Mosport in-car video FV1200

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Found this video of a Candian FV1200. Great bump drafting!
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Re: Mosport in-car video FV1200

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That's an amazing track and I recommend everyone attend at least once. And yeah, At the National several years back, the track record was broken using a 4-car long bump draft chain.
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Re: Mosport in-car video FV1200

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It is very good racing. Usually takes several laps before the 15+ car lead pack breaks up into smaller packs.

I think the quality of driving is good and goes deeper into the field than most regional racing. Mike Iamundi (#35 leader) is especially good and would be competitive anywhere, IMO.

It's hard to believe that they all run on radial street tires :shock: Hmmmm....

Here is a typical race result. This is the final of 3 races on a weekend. 17 cars started the weekend, 2 were eliminated in a earlier crash, but most of the field was competitive with each other. Mine was #86.
Vallis Cup Race #3
1 80 Eric Barrett 1:44.148
2 16 Andrew McMurray 1:43.286
3 35 Michael Iamundi 1:42.501
4 5 Keenan Harris 1:43.781
5 73 Phil Wang 1:43.489
6 157 Andre Bonaldo 1:43.822
7 37 Shane Viccary 1:44.672
8 86 Daniel Bassett-Rodrigues 1:44.553
9 29 Eugene Cartini 1:47.157
10 13 Tony Thornton 1:47.698
11 18 Aaron McCauley 1:44.852
12 19 Kyle Kosir 1:43.508
13 33 Carlo Triolo 1:43.256
14 58 Bill Mitchell 1:43.083
DNS 44 Taylor Near
DNS 76 Carl Woychuk
DQ 11 Sam Ashtiani 1:47.146 (yellow flag pass)
PS .... I thought the video for this race was better than the one above.
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Re: Mosport in-car video FV1200

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thanks for watching

i should get some calabogie up.

mike is a great driver
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