Formula Vee 60th Anniversary

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Formula Vee 60th Anniversary

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Well, friends.. it goes on... FV will be SIXTY years old in 2023 (at least SCCA wise). Discussions are in the EARLY stages at this point, started by Butch Deer. We want to make this one a 'jim dandy' birthday, so open up your brains and let's get some discussion going. We'd like to FOCUS on a single PARTY that is STAND ALONE instead of 'piggy backing' on an existing event .. if possible, rather than sprinkling several across the country like what happened at 55. We need a venue... some place preferably closer to the geo center than Roebling Road ; some place we can AFFORD (with NO MONEY to work with) ; some place that has a good chance of decent weather ; some place that has enough room for, say 150+ cars ; I'm thinking one of the smaller (less 'glitzy' - less EXPENSIVE) tracks so we can FIND an open weekend during a decent month May or June should be a good time frame for most parts of the country. OH.. and it would be exceptionally nice if we had 'someone' kind of 'on the inside' at this track - or with close contacts - so that they might be receptive to our needs.

Was talking to Butch last night and we're thinking that the majority of FV participants are in NEDIV (not sure why, but it's always been that way), so .. closer to the geo center, but biased towards the east somewhat. Mid Ohio is probably the most desirable venue, but it would be VERY expensive and really tough to wrangle a Vee ONLY weekend, so .. we're branching out from that general area. Nelson Ledges and PittRace seem to fit the bill .. at least to some degree. BlackHawk is another possibility.

Any of you guys OWN a track that fits the bill.. that would like to DONATE the track to us rent free ?? :lol: :lol:

Let's see if we can get some dialog going. There's a big long thread going over on Apexspeed about the 35th Anniversary for FC, being 'celebrated' (more or less) at the Indy Runoffs next year. We should be able to do better than that, right ??

What say you?
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Re: Formula Vee 60th Anniversary

Post by jpetillo »

Hi Steve,

I did try to get in touch with Butch through his ApexSpeed thread and e-mail about a month our two ago, but got no response. Us in the group would like too help. Are you involved?

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