2019 NEFV Championship Series Rounds 9 & 10 (Thompson)

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2019 NEFV Championship Series Rounds 9 & 10 (Thompson)

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Who will win?

With only a 3 point spread from 1st to 3rd and a 15 point drop back to fourth the top 5 will be decided at Thompson Motorsports Park

Let's take a look at the contenders going into the last round:

Tom Kenney - Winner of the most improved driver in 2018 and a consistency king of the class has the points lead by only a single point going into the last round. The most improved driver from 2017 won the championship in 2018. You have some big shoes to fill Tom!

John Piscitelli - Young and hungry rookie of the year in 2018 John is extremely fast but he has suffered from mix results this year due to mechanical's and errors on the track. Will the 2018 rookie steal it all?

Jeff Valeo - Running with Advantage Motorsports and working on improving his own driving techniques has really paid off for this NEFV driver. He has vastly improved his average finishing position and has slowly and silently worked his way up the latter this year. Will the final weekend be the culmination of all of his hard work?

Kevin O'day - The body man from Boston has a not-so-outside shot at placing in the top 3. It will only take one bad race from our top 3 to let Kevin swoop in and steal it. Call the cops because Kevin is lurking in the shadows.

With over 30 entries expected, NEFV championship weekend is shaping up to be one heck of a way to end a great season. Please come to support your favorite NEFV driver's throughout the weekend and join us Friday night for the Rodman Brother's annual BBQ. A HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors listed above. WE really appreciate what you do for the Series!
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