2017 NEFV Mid-Season Recap

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2017 NEFV Mid-Season Recap

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2017 NEFV Mid-Season Recap

It has been a exciting and busy season for most of the competitors this year. Will it ever stop raining at events? Rains or slicks seems to be the question of the weekend every time the NEFV series gets together. We have had GREAT participation this year so far and the last two NEFV races will be no exception.

We have had a surprising shake up this year as some of the new comers have figured out how to be fast and some of the long-timers have not forgotten what to do. Like Paul Fafford who seems to be getting very comfortable with his new Mysterian as well as Bruce, you are doing awesome this year buddy, keep it up! I would also like to give a shout out to Chris Barry and Brian Kenny who I believe both scored there first podium finishes this year at Lime Rock.

Currently Chris Zarzycki is the man that sits on top of the leader board despite having no race wins, consistency is key to winning a championship and when it comes to car prep and preparedness Chris Z has little competition. With 2 races to go and the ability to drop 2 races no one is safe. Do your prep before the race weekend and put on your lucky underwear because you are going to need it for the last 2 NEFV races.

2017 Points
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

If we take a look at the points with the lowest scoring two races removed the battle is very, very tight. Less then 10 points separates the first 5 positions. No one can afford a bad race.

Points ( With 2 race drops)
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... sp=sharing

Who enjoys the OWDE? EVERYONE! What a great way to show someone what driving a purpose built open wheel race car is like. Giving the crew a little excitement or showing another driver how fun our cars can be is the point of this great experience that NEFV and the NER have been able provide to us. Thanks to everyone for putting this on and the nervous car owners who allowed drivers with no/little experience to get behind the wheel and put in some laps on a real race track!
Check out the pictures from the 2017 event.
https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipN ... ZXdFJKWXh3

Now it's time to thank our sponsors. We all need to thank these guys every time you see them, talk to them or email them. These guys have given us a lot this year. Racing is expensive but with all of the prizes we are able to give back to the racers it makes it a little easier. For anyone who does not already know we have had the great opportunity to give away the following items at each event thanks to our sponsors:

1st 2nd and 3rd place trophies presented by Vee Sport Racing. This year the trophies look amazing! Call Steve Pastore at Vee Sport racing for chassis prep, parts or questions: 203-778-2337

1 Free Hoosier tire provided by Hoosier East. hoosiertireeast.com The fastest tires offered for a Vee period.
Week 1 Winner: Bruce Rodman
Week 2 Winner: Tom Galuardi
Week 3 Winner: Paul Faford

1 $200 Gift Certificate towards a engine rebuild presented by Dave Carr at AutoWerks. Notice all the Blue Valve covers on the race track? Those are Carr engines and for good reason.
Week 1 Winner: David Cardillo
Week 2 Winner: Jeff Adams
Week 3 Winner: Ron Bass

2 $25 parts or $50 labor certificates provided by Dietmar at Quixote Racing. Please visit quixoteracing.com for a complete parts list of everything you need for your vee.
Week 1 Winners: Chris Barry/Jeff Adams
Week 2 Winners: Afzal Bashir/Brian Kenny
Week 3 Winners: Bryan Rogers/Tom Galuardi

1 $250 Parts/Labor Penske certificate presented by Penske Racing
1 $100 Parts/Labor Penske certificate presented by Penske Racing
1 $50 Parts/Labor Penske certificate presented by Penske Racing
Check out the new Penske Vee shocks on offer: http://shop.penskeshocks.com/7120-FORMULA-VEE/
Week 3 Winners: $250 Tyler Reynolds, $100 Nick Galuardi, $50 Dan Grace

T-Shirt and hats presented by RacerPartsWholesale.com Hoosier and Penske.

If you are not a member or the NEFV and want a chance to win some of these great prizes please sign up for the series! You can do so simply by coming to a race and talking to a current NEFV driver. The entry fee for the series is $20.00, a full schedule and more information can be found at our website NEFV.org. You DON'T have to win to win! All prizes are drawn at random by finishing position after the Saturday race and the race winners are excluded from most of the prizes.

ATTENTION: Prizes are going to be given away immediately following the conclusion of on track racing and directly BEFORE the pit party at the next two events. A central location will be chosen at the event so please talk to us to find out where that is and be present to receive prizes and have pictures taken with the group.

Check out some of the media from the races this year.




We will see you at Palmer MotorSports park on September 9th and 10th and then again for the final NEFV race at Thompson October 6th and 7th.

If you do not wish to receive these emails please let me know and you will be removed from the mailing list. If you enjoy these emails also please provide your feedback. Should we send one of these out after each race?
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