Vintage Formula Vee Event Roebling Road near Savannah

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Vintage Formula Vee Event Roebling Road near Savannah

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Hello FV forum! I'm a new guy trying to get into the sport of FV racing and I would like to ask if any of you guys on the forum are going to attend the Vintage Event at Roebling Road near Savannah, Gerogia? I would love to hang out with some of you guys and learn. Also it would be a blast if I could help any of you guys out with whatever is needed. I'm a mechanic (aircraft) but I'm pretty handy with car maintenance as well... So if anybody is attending, let me know! I'd be glad to be part of an event!
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Re: Vintage Formula Vee Event Roebling Road near Savannah

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If you don't get any replies via this forum, you might go to ... dca-899878
and click 'Contact Host' underneath 'Sandy Jackson' on the right side of that page. Email her your story and I'm sure she can figure out a way for you to get inside the track. Once inside, you can check out all the vees that are there and probably find someone that can use some help. Her husband, Mike, owns the 2 most famous Vintage FV race cars around - The Shadowfax and Ringwraith designed and built by Harvey Templeton. Some real history there.

On that same page, you can click on 'View current entry list' and see how many vees are registered and of what types of cars. Right now, there appears to be only ONE Vee entered. Guess everyone else is waiting till the last minute :P .
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