NEFV Championship Series-Rounds 9 & 10 (Palmer)

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NEFV Championship Series-Rounds 9 & 10 (Palmer)

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This is it! The final two rounds of the 2016 NEFV Championship Series happen on September 9 & 10. Ten FV's have registered thus far, so please join the fun at one the newest race venues in the country. With 190 feet of elevation spread over 2.3 miles, you would be hard pressed to find a more technically challenging course in the country.
Remember, all series entrants have the opportunity to win prizes from Autowerks Engines, Vee Sport Racing and Quixote Racing.
If you are planning on attending, please sign up ASAP, as payment is not required until you arrive at the track. Your early registration may just inspire another participant to register for this much anticipated event. This is one of the last opportunities to share a beer (or shot of whiskey) with a fellow FV friend before the long hard winter sets in, so get your car out of the garage and on the track! I hope to see you there.
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Re: NEFV Championship Series-Rounds 9 & 10 (Palmer)

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Palmer is a great track. If you haven't been to Palmer, it's like no other track. The corners and challenges are quiet unique, and you have a hard time not putting it on the top of your short lists of favorite tracks. It's tough to settle into at first, but it does begin to flow once you get the hang of it. The best part is that there's a lot to figure out, and most folks have only been there a few times at best, so you won't be the only newbie. I'm happy to see so many folks signed up so early. John
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