Spark Plug Recommendation

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Spark Plug Recommendation

Post by pickupjoeb »

I'm looking for plug recommendations for a 1964 FV Vintage 1200

It has autolite 414 in the engine now and I'm looking to use a Bosh or Ngk plug and looking to see what other people are using.
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Re: Spark Plug Recommendation

Post by hardingfv32 »

Dyno results indicate that inexpensive Autolites are just as good as the most expensive plugs you can find. Use standard heat range.

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Re: Spark Plug Recommendation

Post by Dietmar »

You asked about NGK, so...


Prefer the ones assembled in Japan over the Assembled in the USA only because the Japanese version does not need to have the gap adjusted.

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Re: Spark Plug Recommendation

Post by sharplikestump »

For what it's worth......AND, while this applied a few decades back, I do not know that it is the same situation today:
While all of the plugs have a 14x1.25mm thread, the American made thread has a different radius on the ROOT diameter, or another way to state it is: the bottom of each thread has more of a "U" shape than a "V" shape. IMO, this caused the plug to have a greater tendency to pick up metal from the cylinder head, which then damaged those threads. Again, very long ago, but I never used them for that reason.
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