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Brake shoes

Posted: September 23rd, 2014, 3:08 pm
by FVartist42
I was notified of a brake shoe, where they were of a reasonable cost. I along with a few others have found them to work reasonably well. We will be using them during the season. We have found them to require a little more pressure to operate, but you can still brake deep without any fear of brake fade. They were one second off of the track record held by Dennis Andrade at Sears Point, this year. We found them to not require any adjustment after the initial adjustment for the double race weekends. They seem not to cause much drum wear or to develop any hot spots. You can get them here ... -1209_1407 The part # for the fronts are 167, the rear 168. You will notice a free shipping sign, but that is only on orders of $100. or more. You might find them where you live, just look for a semi- metallic shoe. Can not verify any other brand, but semi-metallic is usually universal. I might have a few sets at this years runoff.