CRB - Disk Brakes

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CRB - Disk Brakes

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In the CRB's recommendation to approve disk brakes:

Where are the wheels to be used referenced? ... inutes.pdf

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Re: CRB - Disk Brakes

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Good question. Maybe the "or" in:
"Wheels for link pin equipped cars shall be standard fifteen (15) inch X 4J as used on the 1200cc and 1300cc VW sedan as defined herein, or any steel (15) inch X 4.5J wheel within the track dimensions of C.2."

If so, it is poorly worded.
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Re: CRB - Disk Brakes

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Just as an FYI- the FV Ad Hoc Committee came up with a VERY detailed rules proposal. When it was printed, SOME things were left out.
Wheels are just one item.
Minutes of our meeting will be published in a few days- however, just because the Committee made a suggestion, does not mean the CRB will accept it.
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Re: CRB - Disk Brakes

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The intention was for VW 4 bolt wheels to be used. The omission was mine and as Dietmar correctly stated will be corrected.

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Re: CRB - Disk Brakes

Post by brian »

There seems to be some confusion regarding the status of the disc brake proposal so let me take a couple of lines for explanation.
The proposal has moved from the "what do you think" status to a 90 day period of formal membership input prior to submission to the BOD. This proposal is not a done deal until the BOD votes on a formal rule package.

It should be pointed out that the letter system is not a democratic process. It is a process to access membership's position on proposals, not a direct vote. Since there are no formal controls on letter writing, concise conclusions cannot be drawn from mere counts of positive and negative letters. This does not mean that you should not write letters. The next 90 days will likely define the future for vees and no one in the class should not write a letter. I say anyone in the class because the CRB and it's advisory committees often try to authenticate the letters. That means, having your friends and wives write letters probably won't carry much weight. Neither will your letter if you are not an active participant of this class. This was an issue on the "WDYT" letters just written. This does not mean that you can't write a letter as a observer of the class, it just means that it won't carry as much weight with the CRB.

A few pointers regarding letters: If you hold a competition license, mention it; if you currently own a car and are competing, mention it and remember, the BOD won't really see the details of this proposal until the CRB brings the issue to them so writing directly to the BOD while OK, may not yield much response.

As I mentioned before, this proposal will effect the future of our class and everyone of our plans for racing. There is no reason to not write the CRB and share your views.
The above post is for reference only and your results may vary. This post is not intended to reflect the views or opinions of SCCA and should not be considered an analysis or opinion of the rules written in the GCR.
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