disc brake survey

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disc brake survey

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In this month's Fastrack at SCCA.com asking for a yes or no input on the possibility of adding disc brakes to vees,

Here's the text that appeared in the preliminary notes section of "Rules and Cars" on SCCA.com

"What Do You Think ?

1. #13326 (Formula/Sports Racing Committee) Disc Brakes in Formula Vee
Based on responses from a previous WDYT published in Fastrack, the CRB is seeking member input on the following specific proposal to allow disc brakes in Formula Vee.
The CRB is looking for a simple yes or no to the following:

It is proposed to allow disk brakes, front and rear, following the guidelines set forth in the Formula First rule set with the following exceptions:

1. Front shocks to be externally mounted. The upper mounting point shall be to the H
beam at or above the top of the upper Hbeam tube, and a maximum of 1 inch inboard of the center of the shock tower. The lower mounting point shall act through the standard mounting point on the lower trailing arm. Spring shocks and linkage activated shocks are prohibited.

2. Standard VW steering box or direct replacement must be used.

3. Standard VW 4 bolt wheels or direct replacement must be used front and rear.

4. 4 bolt VW rear drums or disks may be used."

As I understand this is FFST/FV1600 guidlelines without rack and pinion and without inboard front shocks.

I urge everyone to vote and strongly suggest that everyone cost this proposal before voting. Without doing a lot of prep work and the use of used components, my costing of this proposal is somewhere between $1000 and $2000 with one set of 4 lug wheels.
The above post is for reference only and your results may vary. This post is not intended to reflect the views or opinions of SCCA and should not be considered an analysis or opinion of the rules written in the GCR.
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