Broken Fins

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Broken Fins

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I am getting ready to install a recently rebuilt motor and noticed that there are two broken fins on cylinder 3. Each broken piece is about 2 inches and is on the side of the cylinder (near the top). How critical is this? Will be going in a Citation.

Any advice will be appreciated.

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Re: Broken Fins

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Bottom fins should be no issue. The larger the fin, the greater impact it might have. Also depends on how much is broken off. If the missing part is not significant, you can ignore it. What it might do is cause higher head temps on that cylinder, but is more than likely NOT a significant worry... but it DOES depend on just how much is broken off and how good your head cooling is to begin with.

If you are new to the class and just trying to get an engine in the car to do a driver's school or first regional, I wouldn't worry about it too much. If you have a head temp gauge - put it on THAT cylinder and watch it to see where it goes. If you get up into the 600 degree F range, you need to improve your cooling.

If you don't have a head temp, then you MUST not have a cooling problem :lol: so you should be good to go.
I have an engine that has 2 fins on one cylinder broken off and have been running it for several years. I'd say that I lost about 10% or so of THOSE individual fins considering total surface area of the fins.
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