Public "Thanks" for bringing me to FV

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Public "Thanks" for bringing me to FV

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I should have posted this right after the Christmas awards ceremony to tell everyone how much I have appreciated all of Stevan Davis' (FV80) support and guidance during my first year of racing FV. Not sure if he had anything to do with it, but the Atlanta region chose me as their “Rookie of the Year!” I’m sure it’s not a big deal for long-time racers, but I was so excited, honored and proud! My husband, who's a racer, encouraged me to do this, but it would not have happened, and certainly not in a Vee, without Steve and his continued help, support and mentoring. I have had such a blast and look forward to my first real win and eventually a National win (assuming they don’t do away with our class before I can :-) ) I also need to thank all the other FV racers who helped guide me and a couple of times -resupply me during this first year - you all have made this year, fantastic! What a great community!
My small contribution to the Vee forum will be this post, to encourage other Vee racers to do what Steve Davis did for me that helped grow our class – don’t just talk about racing a Vee, go get somebody, put them in a Vee, help them go to racing school, support them in their efforts to find their own Vee and they’ll be hooked and our class with grow again.
I am truly grateful and look forward to many good times in the future. A sincere thanks!
I hope to pass it on one day-
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Re: Public "Thanks" for bringing me to FV

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Welcome to the FV community and congrats! You found great help in Stevan...listen to his advice and you probably won't go wrong. I think you'll find most of the vee group always willing to help go enjoy it and like you said encourage others!

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