Formula Vee Promotional DVD

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Formula Vee Promotional DVD

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As outlined in the topic ... =24&t=2621, I have found Paul Schiemer to take over where Kevin left off. As of this time, Paul has received NO pictures or videos to work with other than mine. I posted that some time ago, but the title might have blown it by some of you. Please send anything you have that would be useful for the video to Paul (address in other thread) along with adequate description of WHAT IT IS so he can get started. We may all agree that FV isn't in THAT bad a shape compared to other classes, but it still can't hurt to get this going. He has some video from the 45th B'day and I sent him a couple of driver interviews and some incar. Kevin returned what you sent to him, so please, at least find that and send it on to Paul.

We'll worry about how to fund it after we get something to look at unless you think we should go ahead and start collecting now. I'd also be interested to hear what people think about 'voluntary membership fees' for the FV Registry or Promotional contributions - $$$ to be held in account until needed for something like this and controlled by the 'Committee'. Rather than return it, as Kevin did, we would hold this indefinitely until needed or the Committee of FV disbands ... in which case we'd use whatever was left to host a social(s) at some event(s) TBD. (or donate it to some worthy cause?).

BTW - Current FV Registry count is 335. Hard to believe that there aren't more of 'us' out there. I'm confident that there are more, so don't drop your efforts to have EVERYONE sign up.
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