FV newbie in Texas wants to crew

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FV newbie in Texas wants to crew

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I have just acquired a Caracal FV to race in '17. I have a fair bit of racing experience in past but not FV. If possible I would like to crew a Vee some race weekend to learn about it.
I can fabricate pretty much anything....to aviation standards.
Thank you for your consideration,
Nick Leonard / Hill Country, Tx.
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Re: FV newbie in Texas wants to crew

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I'm afraid there just aren't any other FV racers close to you. I'd suggest that you contact Bill Griffith at http://www.biggerhammerracing.com/. He has a stable of vintage FV's - no doubt including a Lynx or 2 which would be similar to your car. He doesn't race SCCA, but you really don't care at this point. You can find out where he's racing next and I'm sure he would be glad to have you join them in the paddock.

Steve, FV80
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