Zero roll spring

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Re: Zero roll spring

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Ontario Region CASC F1200
30 yr anniversary of switch to 13" wheels with BFG TAs. Never looked back .... now on Falken tires on 14" Diamond Racing Wheels.
Greg Rice
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Re: Zero roll spring

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Wondering how big a difference the tires make.. Anyone know the average cornering forces with the falkens?
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Re: Zero roll spring

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i would say these tires are about 4-5 secs per lap slower than hoosiers at mosport. a lot of it is due to grip, but a portion of it is also the drag of a larger footprint in the air stream, higher unsprung weight plus taller tire = more resistance and friction for weeee HP to overcome.

running them for the first time at shannonville i was rather amazed at how hot these tires get. mind you it was in the 40C range with the humidex, but i was not expecting so much tire temp to be genreated.
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Re: Zero roll spring

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Is this the car that started life as an FST and was converted to a FV a year or so ago?

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Re: Zero roll spring

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That is the car I built for Rob Howden for his now defunct formula car Mag. He sold it last year to a guy in the keys in Florida and he sold shortly after that and Greg's coustomer bought. A lot of people besides myself donated parts and time to build the car which was featured in a series of stories in the mag. as it was built.

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