Dissolution of FV Ad Hoc

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Dissolution of FV Ad Hoc

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Following is from the August 2019 Fastrack (CRB Minutes from July 2, 2019)...

2. #27194 (Formula/Sports Racing Committee) Dissolution of FV Ad Hoc and FSRAC membership change
In 2016, an Ad Hoc Committee was formed to work on rules, issues, and concepts for the Formula Vee class. Since then the committee has assisted the Formula/Sports Racing Advisory Committee and the Club Racing Board with several major initiatives, including creating a disc brake option, adopting a spec Hoosier tire, and establishing a uniform procedure for measuring the intake manifold, as well as other important developments for the class.

With the implementation of these major initiatives, the time has come to dissolve the Ad Hoc Committee and turn over the ongoing process of refining the rules to the Formula/Sports Racing Advisory Committee to include in its normal activities effective October 1, 2019. The Club Racing Board would like to thank the following members of the FV Ad Hoc Committee for their dedication and hard work over the past three years: Dennis Andrade, John Petillo, Stephen Saslow, Charlie Turner, and Al Varacins.

John Petillo will join the Formula/Sports Racing Advisory Committee effective October 1, 2019. John’s strong technical background, experience as a longtime Formula Vee competitor, and relationships with members of the Formula Vee community will be invaluable to the FSRAC’s work going forward.
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Re: Dissolution of FV Ad Hoc

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Thanks for posting that announcement. The FV Ad Hoc Committee put in a lot of hours and did a lot of good work in the interest of the FV Community. It was a pleasure and honor working with Charlie, Dennis, Al & Stephen.

That I continue to press the FV racers for feedback on topics was one of the reasons the FSRAC was interested in keeping one of the FV Ad Hoc Members. I would ask everyone to please don't hesitate to contact me on any FV-related topic. Just PM me.

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