Oct 2018 Committee Note

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Oct 2018 Committee Note

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As can be found in the October 2018 edition of Fastrack news, there is a CRB recommendation to the BoD for an FV Intake Manifold rule clarification. The rule clarification was recommended by the FV Committee in an attempt to make it easier for Tech to measure a manifold.

Also as can be found in the October 2018 edition of Fastrack news, the BoD approved the Hoosier spec tire for Formula Vee for the 2019 racing season effective January 1, 2019. That date is for the slick, and these tires will be marked "FVS". The spec rain tire, not required until January 1, 2020, are the same FV rain tire as Hoosier has been selling for a number of years.

The Hoosier candidate slick tire met the requirements put forth by the SCCA for a spec tire that resulted from the survey put out by the CRB. A few of the key aspects that resulted from the survey and the CRB recommended that the (non-rain) spec tires meet the following criteria:
• The tire be a slick
• The tire act like a slick
• The tire fit the current rims
• The tire have more durability and last longer to significantly reduce cost
• The tire not lose too much performance over the Hoosier R55A

In previous news and updates, the FV Committee noted the role we played in the process. With the guidance of Hoosier, we were engaged in a two-phase tire-testing program. In the program, the tire testing started in January and culminated at Watkins Glen at the June Super Tour Majors weekend. In total there were 113 sessions run during the testing using 12 drivers with 11 tire sets provided by Hoosier, and at 10 different venues. Hoosier also provided three sets of R55A for direct comparison. We believe that the testing program was very broad with the goal to answer many questions about the tires.

The tire testing and driver feedback and much discussion concluded that the spec tire met the goals put forth by the SCCA. We believe this tire is an excellent tire, and will serve the FV community well in the future.

The Committee thanks Hoosier for stepping up to the plate with a candidate tire, but also for the help and guidance for the testing, and also the unwavering support for the testing both on the phone and at the track. Hoosier was there for us, and with us, every step of the way – very commendable!

The Committee also graciously thanks the testers who all gave unselfishly of their time, including extra days off, extra nights in hotels, and the extra wear and tear on their racecars. Their sacrifice and detailed feedback is greatly appreciated.

Finally, we very much appreciate the SCCA and especially Bill Johnson of the Formula/Sports Racing Committee for their support, and for also standing behind this process by allowing the FV Committee to conduct testing and make a decision based on the way we felt would best serve the FV community.

Through this testing we also had much discussion and support from the FV community both on and off the track, and that certainly helped us a great deal.

We are confident that the chosen tire meets what the community was requesting. It really is a great tire for FV as we head in a new direction for the future.

The Formula Vee Advisory Committee
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Re: Oct 2018 Committee Note

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Thanks, John. Looking forward to using them in battle!

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