March 2018 Committee Note

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March 2018 Committee Note

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There was a discussion just last night about the need to get out a post to the community on the FV spec tire testing. Coincidentally, as many of you saw, Steve Davis sent out an FV Registry note to us today with some information, however, Steve and I had not had the chance to connect up to get him the updated information written below. Steve and I will try to connect up in the future before we send out notes in case there is new information that can provided from the Committee, and vice-versa.

Spec Tire: We want to give an update on the Spec Tire Testing from the Committee. The good news is that there has been a good deal of activity on the FV Spec Tire testing, along the lines of what that was described back in late November here on the Interchange. As previously reported, there is a Spec Tire testing program coordinated by the FV Advisory Committee, with direction and assistance provided by Hoosier. The tires being tested are the same compound and construction as the ones Hoosier had folks run prior to this year to get initial feedback. The testing plan has been completed and scheduled with testing already begun in several parts of the country - so far at three race tracks. The testing will continue with a goal of making a decision on the July time frame. At each of these testing events data is gathered along with driver feedback and impressions. So far the testing has been giving us excellent feedback and the Committee is confident we’ll have the information we need by the time the testing is completed to make an informed decision by July.

Disc Brakes: With regard to the disc brakes, as most have seen it has been reported in the March 2018 Fastrack (copied below) that the proposed rule was approved for 1/1/19.
Add the following: Front and/or rear brake drums and backing plate assemblies may be replaced with a disc brake conversion assembly as an option. The front spindle/steering knuckle, rear axle, axle tube, bearing housing and bearing retainer/seal assembly must remain per GCR part 9.1.1. A spacer plate or a portion of the rear caliper support may be fitted beneath the bearing retainer to replace the backing plate dimension. Any ferrous alloy, unvented rotor may be used, but must have a maximum diameter of 11.75 in. and a minimum thickness of 0.20 in. The otherwise smooth rotor may have a maximum of three pad cleaning grooves per side. Any ferrous or aluminum alloy caliper and caliper support may be used. The caliper must have no more than four pistons and weigh a minimum of 1.65 lbs. Brake pads are free. Any hub assembly may be used as long as it can be fitted with part 9.1.1. wheels.

I thank Steve Davis for his commitment to the FV class, for this Interchange web site, and for the FV Registry, which is our best way to send out mass e-mails to the FV Community.

By the way, all you new drivers, please sign up for the FV Registry at... Don't hesitate, do it right now!

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any of us.

Thank you,

The FV Advisory Committee
John Petillo
Stephen Saslow
Charlie Turner
Dennis Andrade
Al Varacins
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