New OFFICIAL FV AdHoc Committee Selected

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New OFFICIAL FV AdHoc Committee Selected

Post by cendiv37 »

The CRB has selected the members of the new official, SCCA sanctioned FV AdHoc Committee.
The new committee members are:

Al Varacins
Mitchell Ferguson
Stephen Saslow
John Petillo
Dennis Andrade
Charlie Turner

We hope that this new official linkage to the rules making process will provide the FV community with earlier and better input into the process. We encourage everyone involved in FV, especially the drivers, to get to know the new committee members and "stay in the loop" to provide them with the information and support they will need in order to do the best for our class.

The members of the (now defunct) unofficial Ad Hoc Committee congratulate the new team and wish them the best.


Alex Bertolucci
Barrett Hendricks
Bruce Livermore
Dietmar Bauerle
John Petillo
Stephen Saslow
Stevan Davis
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Re: New OFFICIAL FV AdHoc Committee Selected

Post by jpetillo »

Bruce, thanks for the post.

I agree with Bruce. It would be good for the FV folks to interact with the new Official FV Committee more than in the past. The forums are a good place to discuss things, but the few folks who are kind enough to post hardly represent the interests of the FV community. Although the forum discussions are a great way to toss around ideas and educate ourselves, let's not let them steer the ship without your input. The new Committee will need to hear from you whether you have a new idea (always a good thing), like the way things are, or don't like the way things are.

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Re: New OFFICIAL FV AdHoc Committee Selected

Post by CitationFV21 »

Okay, the new committee has been quiet for a while, we need to know what is going on even if it just to say hello, we are still out here.

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Re: New OFFICIAL FV AdHoc Committee Selected

Post by aqualls »

I would like to request that this committee’s notes be widely distributed. This forum has less subscribers than in the past. A lot has moved to social media because it is one-stop shopping (and login). Most people go to Facebook or Twitter to get information. Stevan Davis sends out a summary to the registry but unfortunately that list is not complete. I urge the committee to make every effort possible to disseminate information through all channels. (Apex and this forum only reaches a subset of the FV population...).

I also ask that the selection process for this committee be made transparent. When do members change? How often? What time of year? Who votes/nominates these people? There are no women on the committee or any sort of diversity.
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