April Minutes

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April Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met April 6, 2016
Members Present: Dietmar Bauerle, John Petillo Alex Bertolucci, Bruce Livermore
Guest: Fred Clark

It was reported that the FV Promotional Video was submitted to several film festivals and three film festivals have selected the film to be screened (showcased at the festival). They are the Capital City Film Festival in Michigan, the Boston International Film Festival, and the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival, all taking place in April 2016. Only a small number of the films submitted for evaluation and appraisal get invitations to be screened, so this is certainly an accomplishment. Being shown at these film festivals, the video will have the opportunity to enlighten, inform, and make others aware that there is something different out there that might pique their interest. The FV Promotional Video can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3KcgFJ60hs

The committee was briefed on a recent magazine article by Turnology, an online performance driving enthusiast magazine, which featured Formula Vee. The article is titled, “Formula Vee: Budget Open Wheel Racing” and was created with the help of several members from the FV community. It highlights the history of the class, but also provides valuable information about the engines, chassis and the camaraderie found among our members. The article is available at:http://www.turnology.com/features/inter ... el-racing/

There was general discussion regarding the letters submitted to CRB by the committee.

1) The letter to allow repairs for engine cases and cylinder heads was listed as a recommended item for 2016 in the May 2016 Fastrack. If approved by the Board of Directors it would be implemented on 6/1/2016.

2) The letter regarding clarification of engine valve size rules was approved to be effective 4/30/2016. Valve diameters are listed as maximums per the GCR, Appendix G. Facts, Formulas, and Measurement Standards, 2. Measurement Standards, state, “5. Valve size is absolute maximum.” The rules previously provided two diameters for both the exhaust and intake valves. The change removes the smaller valve diameters since having two maximum values is not possible.

Further discussion will be held at the next meeting regarding GCR Section 9.1.1.c.5.6 and the practice of measuring deck height.

No other issues were discussed.

Next meeting May 4, 2016
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