January Committee Minutes

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Re: January Committee Minutes

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hardingfv32 wrote:
sharplikestump wrote:..... but if you look at my rockers, I don't go to the extremes that I see on some others. While I do typically remove some from the screw end, I never remove any from the spine, and I DO see it as a wonderful thing to not be forced to weaken the beam by removing any material from the underside of that beam. ....I just don't see it.
Rockers... What is wrong with raising the assembly for extra clearance. Sounds like your whole premise is out dated.

Weight... Now if you have not reduced your spring pressures by 30% then I guess you might see the power improvement. Holds 7000 at these lower pressures with no issue. That's amazing! I am nowhere near that. Kinda proves to me that the size of the spring means nothing, doesn't it!

Possible source of drop-in beehive springs: http://www.rdvalvespring.com/spring-kits.html Spring $13 and retainer $10
I checked and was quoted a higher price than that, even if I bought 100 springs at a time! Also, I sell my retainers for 1/2 that.

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