October Minutes

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October Minutes

Post by Dietmar »

The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on October 7.
Members attending: Alex Bertolucci, Stevan Davis, Phillip Holcomb, John Petillo, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

Just as a heads up - all the RunOffs races can be viewed by logging on to the SCCA web site. How long they will be available is unknown.

With the discussion of polishing of transmission gears on the Interchange, the Committee once again restated their opinion on this matter. The Committee feels this is illegal based on the current rules as written - just as we did a few years ago when this question was first brought up for discussion. Unless it is specifically stated in the GCR as being allowed, modifications such as removing or adding material(s) outside of normal wear and tear is not legal.

A question was raised by a member as to whether or not the Minimum/Maximum rule needs to be looked at when it comes to such areas as lift and weights. Should there continue to be a stated minimum or maximum single limit with no tolerance or should some of these include an average of the components in question? This might avoid some nebulous interpretations and measurements as evidenced at the RunOffs in years past. Members will be considering this and it may become a discussion topic at our future meetings. The thought is that is not logical to disqualify a car if only a single part of multiple parts are out of limits.

Old Business: Nothing has come from SCCA regarding the question of a spec tire. We assume that we will hear something in the next month or so. In the meantime, a member has brought up the spec tire question with a rep from Hoosier who is quite willing to enter into a discussion about developing a tire for FV which would extend longevity and thereby meet one of the needs of those requesting some form of spec tire. The Committee is waiting to get some direction from SCCA. On the same topic, a question was raised in last month’s minutes as to why members who are in need of a cheaper and longer lasting tire have not investigated using the American Racer tire. None of the Committee members have heard back from the membership on the pros or cons of this tire brand. If you have an opinion on this, please let us know.

No other topics were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for November 4
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Re: October Minutes

Post by hardingfv32 »

American Racer Tires

1) AR is cheaper and possibly longer lasting but not competitive with Hoosier tires. ARs are best used as a spec tire.

2) Production of AR tires could be questionable. Chances are very good that they have not been manufactured for a few years and any current sales is being filled from a very dated inventory.

3) AR has not answered any of the SCCA spec tire RFPs issued to date for various class. Most recently the FF spec tire RFP. Chances are good they are not interested in signing a spec tire contract with SCCA or providing track side service.

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Re: October Minutes

Post by GrapeFarmerAl »

I called the local supplier of AR and they had the tires on hand...I asked how long they had been in stock and was told about a year or so...
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Re: October Minutes

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Averages are used where component assembly calls for contradictory goals. While it would be best to set all the cylinder deck heights right at .039, the requirement of having all cylinders on the same plane, to assurance proper sealing on the head, makes a single min/max unworkable. The same can be said about compression chamber volume. Lifts and weights are component or assembly independent and can be controlled with a min weight and max lift.measurement without effecting assembly of the engine.
The above post is for reference only and your results may vary. This post is not intended to reflect the views or opinions of SCCA and should not be considered an analysis or opinion of the rules written in the GCR.
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