June Minutes

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June Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met briefly on June 3
Members attending: Stephen Saslow, Bruce Livermore, Alex Bertolucci, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

There were no new items presented for discussion.
Old business discussed is the ongoing issue of piston availability. Having received little response from China regarding a piston with a 2.5mm ring groove, a Committee member (Dietmar) is initiating a purchase of K/S pistons from Germany. These are OEM style pistons. Hopefully, this purchase will meet the needs of the membership either as replacements to be installed in used cylinders or to be matched as complete new sets with the Chinese cylinders that are now available. The Euro is currently lower than it has been for a long time so it is advantageous to proceed with this purchase at this time. More information will be available once the order has been placed.

For those planning to attend the Run Offs, Fred Clark updated us on Daytona Speedway and the work that is currently being done on the facilities. He also mentioned that there is an abundance of hotel-motel space available, but as usual, booking now would get the best price as it is not yet “tourist season” in Florida.

The FV Interchange has been in operation for well over 9 years and was THE place for discussing Formula Vee issues and also a great place for the novice and even the seasoned veteran to get answers to questions related to FV. Unfortunately, the last few years the site was not properly maintained. Stevan Davis has taken over ownership of the site and with some modifications (read many hours) has brought it back to its old self. If you have not visited the site recently, it can be accessed at: www.formulavee.org
Some inactive accounts may have been deleted, so if you find that you cannot log in, just re-register. New registration requirements are in effect.
No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for July 1
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