November minutes

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November minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on November 5
Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, Bruce Livermore, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

At the behest of the CRB, the FV Ad Hoc Committee discussed the implications of the recent BODYWORK rule and how it has caused some tech officials to ‘notice’ what they consider to be non-compliant bodywork or fairings on the rear suspensions of some cars. Several members of the Committee were unable to attend the meeting but the ones that were available agree that some form of clarification is needed for the benefit of drivers and tech inspection crews around the country. The consensus of the members attending is that the covering of the rear locating arms solely for the purpose of achieving some aerodynamic advantage (i.e. "fairing in") is and always has been illegal and really don't understand why it ever was allowed even prior to the bodywork wording change. We are now discussing how to clarify the difference between non-compliant fairings and structural components of the rear suspension. The discussion will continue until we reach some consensus and make our recommendation to the CRB.

Letters in support of allowing alternate connecting rods have been received at a rate of 10 to 1 in favor of this rule modification. The con rod currently offered by Crower would be available to any and all and would meet the current specifications for FV. The Committee supports allowing this alternate connecting rod.

FORGED PISTONS: A letter has been received requesting the use of forged pistons so the Committee revisited this issue. The Committee is in favor of forged pistons considering the difficulty in acquiring “stock” cast pistons other than the Chinese version currently in production. The Committee admits that we do not know enough as yet about forged pistons and will continue to investigate cost and production availability and also insure that any forged piston considered would meet all the current specs for FV.

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for Dec 3.
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Re: November minutes

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I was contacted fairly recently on the issue of the 300 K/S pistons that you were bringing in. Although I prefer the Chinese ones, I am wondering what happened to them?
Mike P.
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