June Minutes

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June Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met June 4

Members attending: Steve Oseth, John Petillo, Stevan Davis, Phillip Holcomb, Bruce Livermore, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

The FV race at Barber is on for the first weekend in August in conjunction with the FF Birthday Party. People were asked about their interest and it seems that enough replied to go ahead with a FV race that weekend.
Registration will begin soon so look for more details on Apex or the Interchange.

The Committee had submitted their recommendations regarding allowing disc brakes in FV. The recommendations were intentionally very restrictive in that the ball joint beam was the only option for disc brakes on the front using 4 bolt VW wheels. For the rears, disc or drum brakes with 4 bolt wheels or keep your 5 bolt drums. A weight penalty was also included in our recommendation. We thought we were done and the recommendations would either be passed on to the Board for their consideration or not. The CRB however came back to the Committee and asked for more flexible options.

As a Committee we are struggling to come to an agreement as to whether there should be other options, and if so, what other options should be considered. We will poll the membership via the Registry to get input. We are trying to understand the direction in which the community wants to go if other options are to be considered. Whether the SCCA decides to allow disc brakes in FV or not is anyone’s guess, but we will need as much feedback as we can get to get a true representation of the community's vision.

On a very positive note, K/S has informed us that German pistons ARE available. Committee members are contacting engine builders and FV parts suppliers to get an idea of how many pistons they wish to order.
To reiterate, we also have evaluated a newly redesigned AA cylinder and believe it to be adequate to meet our needs. We have as yet not worked out the purchasing details as we have been waiting to hear whether or not the Chinese can and will also produce a new piston that will more closely match the OEM pistons.

No other topics were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for July 2
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Re: June Minutes

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thanks for all your work guys. It would be great to have a second alternative to KS for pistons and cylinders.
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