April Minutes

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April Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met April 2,2014

Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, Bruce Livermore, Alex Bertolucci, Phil Holcomb, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

Due to a glitch in the SCCA conference scheduling system, the Ad Hoc Committee did not meet in March.

The topic of discussion was the question of allowing disc brakes in FV. The membership was asked for their opinion on this matter, and we have been told that a number of letters have been sent in. It appears from forum discussions that members from other classes are voting on this topic. It is not the role of this Committee to decide whether votes from outside the FV community should be counted. We urge all FV racers to vote, as it's very important for the future of our class. Your vote will matter!

The FV Ad Hoc Committee has been actively involved in trying to address the problem presented when K/S no longer was a source for pistons and cylinders. The Chinese option was not acceptable as the shoulder which bore against the case was not wide enough and therefore would require the use of machined spacers to provide some measure of reliability. Those using the Chinese barrels in the old style cases did not have to worry about this, only those using the universal 1600 engine case. We believe this issue has been solved as we have received a set of cylinders which should provide a solution to the barrel –spacer problem. Bruce Livermore modified the drawing provided by AA- the company that manufactures the Chinese cylinders. He is in the process of matching his modified drawing to the sample and we should have word by the next meeting as to whether these new cylinders will meet our needs. The Chinese have also been asked to duplicate a 1200 piston- one that matches the original with 2.5 mm ring grooves and still conforms to all the rules.
A member of the Committee will also contact K/S to see if they still have pistons available as another source in case the Chinese pistons do not meet our needs.

A discussion occurred regarding the cost of not only Majors weekends but also the 2014 Runoffs , the limited track time, the combining of too many classes with FV, the shunning of FV from certain venues, and the long term effects on FV as a class.

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for May 7
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Re: April Minutes

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Can you expand on what venues shun vees?
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