February Minutes

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February Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on February 5
Members attending: Steve Oseth, John Petillo, Alex Bertolucci, Bruce Livermore, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

No meeting was held in January due to the holiday

As a result of a member’s request, the suggested use of a SPEC TIRES was the topic of discussion.
A survey was conducted two years ago with a large majority of responses favoring a spec tire, yet nothing ever became of it. Due to the large number of positive responses, the question is once again brought to the Committee.
Now that Hoosier is the only legitimate supplier of tires, it might be appropriate to pursue this issue further to see what might be available to the FV community. This is only a preliminary discussion and will continue in subsequent meetings.

Fastrack contains a blurb regarding disc brakes in FV and more information will be forthcoming. The Committee is not sure of the exact wording or the exact intent of the CRB regarding disc brakes, and we are awaiting a response from them at this time.

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for March 5
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Re: February Minutes

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Hoosier is not the only "Legitimate" supplier of FV tires. AR makes a fantastic tire for FV.

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