December Minutes

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December Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on December 4.
Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, John Petillo, Bruce Livermore, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

The FV Ad Hoc Committee has changed their meeting date to the first Wednesday of the month. This is an attempt to have our discussions before the monthly FSR Committee meeting so that we can make our presentations BEFORE, rather than after the fact.

Based on letters received by the club, the FSR Committee has again asked that the FV Ad Hoc Committee begin discussion regarding a set of rules to allow disc brakes in FV as an option.

A brief recap or history is needed for those who are unaware of what has/had transpired over the last few months. The Ad Hoc Committee was asked by the FSRC last summer to formulate a proposal to allow disc brakes in FV. This request was a direct result of a letter from a member asking for this option to be considered. The Committee spent several meetings on this topic and concurred that disc brakes might be a consideration in FV if certain requirements were met. The first being a weight penalty, the second was that the ball joint beam would be required for use with the disc brakes, the stock 4 bolt wheel would have to be used, and four bolt discs on the rear would also be allowed if the competitor chose to do so. This proposal was to be presented and discussed with the FSR Committee, but due to the Runoffs, the FSR meeting was not held. At about the same time, based on more member input including "tent meetings" at the Runoffs ,the CRB decided to immediately put the question directly to the membership for input on "front disc brakes in FV" and additionally, input on the use of ball joint beams with disc brakes in FV. This was done without any communication with the FSR Committee or the Ad Hoc Committee.

The FV Committee remains of the opinion that IF disc brakes are allowed as an OPTION in FV, certain restrictions should be applied- as stated in our original proposal.

We believe that the CRB request for input on disc brakes in FV was too broad and therefore difficult for members to evaluate. In addition, we firmly believe that any rule change to allow disc brakes in FV should be very specific and limited or it will lead to problems down the road.
The Committee originally discussed the topic at great length and considered a more "open" scenario before coming up with the original, detailed proposal. Since the Committee was unanimous in our original proposal, we have opted to resubmit it to the FSRC for thorough consideration at that level.

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for Jan. 1
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