October minutes

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October minutes

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The Fv Ad Hoc Committee met on October 23.
Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, Barret Hendricks, John Petillo, Bruce Livermore, Phillip Holcomb, Dietmar Bauerle
Guest: Fred Clark

After some log- in glitches, the Committee discussed one of the three proposals submitted by the Committee to the CRB last month, namely the allowance of head surround protection as an optional item in FV. The CRB returned our suggested proposal and asked for clarification. The Committee is/was not sure of the exact reason for the request for clarification, so the Committee will seek guidance to either rewrite the proposal or make the necessary modifications and resubmit to the CRB.

Disc Brakes: Ongoing discussion.
The Committee had been working on a recommendation to put before the membership to allow OPTIONAL disc brakes, ball joint beams, and 4 bolt wheels in FV. This recommendation was ready for presentation to the FSRC but due to the timing of the Runoffs, no FSRC meeting was held. In the meantime, two members of the FV community requested via letters to the CRB that disc brakes be allowed – as an option in FV on the front only. The second part of their request was to ask the membership if the ball joint beam should be allowed or to keep the original link pin beam.

Some members of the Committee feel the need to point out that the CRB response published in Fastrack asking for member input is not the same as the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Committee. The Committee still feels that if FV were allowed to move to disc brakes on two or four wheels AS AN OPTION with a specified weight penalty, using the ball joint beam only, and requiring the use of the 4 bolt stock wheels, this would be not only a safer but also more economical transition . Since the FSRC asked for Committee input on the topic of disc brakes, this brought up the question as to whether we should move our meeting date to earlier in the month to address questions or concerns before the FSRC meetings. No action was taken on this part of the discussion.

Whether members are in favor or against allowing disc brakes, it is time to voice your opinion via the CRB by simply logging in to: http://www.crbscca.com. It also helps if one addresses the questions: approve or disapprove allowing discs as an option in FV and should the ball joint beam be allowed or stay with the link pin beam.

No other topics were presented or discussed.
Next meeting November 27
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