September Minutes

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September Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on September 25
Members attending: Stevan Davis, Barret Hendricks, Bruce Livermore, Alex Bertolucci, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle

The early discussion centered around member’s experiences at the RunOffs. Some had better success than others.

The discussion eventually turned to the disc brake issue and our recommended response to the FSRC. For those who either have not been following the minutes or are not receiving the notes from Stevan Davis after each meeting, the Ad Hoc Committee was asked by the FSRC to consider the implementation of disc brakes as requested by a member . Some of this discussion also occurred at the RunOffs between Committee members and the membership.
The Committee has recommended that if the membership were to approve disc brakes in FV, it would require the use of a ball joint beam , discs front and/or rear, use of stock 4 bolt wheels, and incur a weight penalty with a minimum weight added to the class minimum.
Although there are some who have expressed a desire to use the current link pin beam with five bolt wheels, the Committee feels that if this transition is to occur either now or some time down the road, it is best to go where the parts are most available- BJ beam and stock 4 bolt wheels. This does NOT mean that our recommendation will be adopted. That will be left to the membership. There is nothing that says that if the membership rejects THIS recommendation that an alternate could not be proposed. Our recommendation is being sent to SCCA.

At the August meeting there was a hint that some contact with the company that manufactures the AA piston/cylinder was being established. To date , a member has received a sample piston/cylinder set that comes closer to meeting our needs. The company also seems receptive to making other adjustments both in the number of fins ( currently 12) and also the width of the shoulder where the cylinder meets the engine case. More information should be coming in the months ahead.

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for October 23
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