May Minutes

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May Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on May 22.
Members attending: John Petillo, Barret Hendricks, Bruce Livermore, Phil Holcomb, Steve Oseth, Stephen Saslow, Stevan Davis, Alex Bertolucci
Guest: Fred Clark
Start: 7:34 p.m. CST End: 8:48 p.m. CST

Pistons and Cylinders:
Steve Oseth presented Kolbenschmidt’s (KS) response on manufacturing cylinders. KS stated that cylinders remain a problem. More news will be available at the end of the month but we should not get our hopes up. KS is still manufacturing pistons.

KS’s response led committee members to discuss possible alternatives for pistons and cylinders. Sleeving or placing inserts in used cylinders is not a probable class-wide solution due to cylinder design and cooling issues. There was a suggestion to use 1600cc pistons and cylinders and matching them to 1200cc heads but this would require machining of the heads, possibly beyond what would be safe. Concern was also raised about changes made to pistons that increase their weight because of the effects on other internal engine components (crank, rods). Another option is to machine cylinders from billets. Examples were provided as to how other classes like Spec Miata, Formula F, Formula 500 and Spec Racer Ford have dealt with their own engine issues like engine displacement changes, overboring, or engine scarcity.

The committee identified several potential piston and cylinder scenarios from the discussion held in the event that the KS cylinders could no longer be sourced:
a) Chinese pistons and cylinders (already an option)
b) KS pistons with Chinese cylinders (already an option)
c) Chinese/KS pistons and find a cylinder source.
d) Make slightly oversized pistons to allow extended use of existing cylinders with a penalty (i.e. Weight)

Fred Clark offered to search for possible engine component manufactures based on leads he received from this year’s PRI trade show to provide the committee with additional information.

CRB Proposals:
#10580 – Clarification to section - regarding bodywork forward of torsion bar tubes
#10581 – Addition to section - clearly define bodywork for FV
#10585 – Change section - allow removable head surrounds

The June 2013 FasTrack was posted May 20 and the CRB is seeking member input on the recent committee proposals. The committee wants to remind stakeholders to submit feedback on the proposals to the CRB regardless of their positions on the items.

Disc Brakes:
Drivers’ requests and forum activity initiated the committee to revisit disc brakes. There was a discussion on possible disc brake options and costs. Steven Davis shared his limited disc brake experience from when he tried a set on his car. The committee debated the potential advantages over drum brakes with an idea of allowing disc brakes and having drivers choose between the two options. It was agreed that if a change was to increase class participation then the change would be valuable.

Class Grouping:
There was a brief continuation of the discussion on class groupings and the wisdom and viability of combining certain open (and closed) wheel classes with FV.

Other Business:

Next meeting schedule for June 26
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