March Minutes

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March Minutes

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The FV Ad Hoc Committee met on March 27

Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, Bruce Livermore, Alex Bertolucci, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle

With no new topics for discussion, the meeting was brief. Stevan Davis has submitted the Ad Hoc Committee’s proposals to the CRB regarding a revised definition of BODYWORK and also for a request to allow some form of optional head surround .
The CRB will consider the merits of the proposals at their next meeting.

The rest of the conference call centered around the race at COTA. Stevan Davis reported that the track was quite technical, but could be a lot of fun, provided that class mixing in groups is limited to no more than 2 classes. The mixture at the first event was a nightmare for most groups due to the weather and the total car counts.

No other topics were presented or discussed.

Next meeting scheduled for April 24
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