February minutes

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February minutes

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The Fv Ad Hoc Committee met on February 27
Members attending: Steve Oseth, Stevan Davis, John Petillo, Alex Bertolucci, Bruce Livermore, Phil Holcomb, Stephen Saslow, Dietmar Bauerle

Registration is now open for the 50th Birthday Party in Georgia April 5-7.

Discussion continued regarding the need for a rewording of the GCR glossary definition of “bodywork”. The Committee has always felt a need for a revision. Stevan Davis presented the Committee with revised wording and his proposal will be submitted by the middle of March. This proposal will be shared with the membership via the FV Registry.

Currently, the FV rules do not allow for any removable device other than a steering wheel to facilitate driver egress. With driver safety as a primary concern ( and a request by a member) a proposal has been drafted for submission to SCCA to allow some form of head surround. Again, Stevan Davis gets credit for the writing of a proposal to allow a head surround device in FV and has received full support from the Ad Hoc Committee. Determining the exact wording for the proposal presented some difficulty and led to some discussion as the Committee wanted to address driver safety and avoid the opportunity for anyone to take advantage of the head surround to act as an aerodynamic device. The final draft of the proposal to allow head surround will also be published and sent to the membership via the FV Registry.

An attempt will be made next week to contact Kolbenschmidt to see if they have located someone to manufacture cylinders .

No other items were presented or discussed.
Next meeting scheduled for March 27
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Re: February minutes

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Dietmar wrote:Currently, the FV rules do not allow for any removable device other than a steering wheel to facilitate driver egress.
I do not believe this is a true statement. Can you specify where this is stated?

I would claim that the steering wheel must be in place when testing/demonstrating this part of the rules.

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Re: February minutes

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I think this is it. However it does sound like "removable cockpit padding " would allow for this.

G.7. Bodywork and Airfoils
Bodywork and airfoils are unrestricted within the following limitations:
A. Cockpit Opening:
The driver’s seat shall be capable of being entered without the
removal or manipulation of any part or panel (except for a removable
steering wheel and removable cockpit padding).
The cockpit opening of metallic chassis shall have the following
minimal dimensions:
Length: 60cm (23.622 inches
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